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SilverPhasE Oy is Research and Development consulting provider for areas related to ionic polymers and supramolecular polymer chemistry.

Our knowledge in our sector is top of the world. We have continuously succeeded to build new technologies and applications to our customers to several business areas to global markets.

Our experience consists of: Liquid phase electricity storage, polymer batteries, electrically conductive polymers, antimicrobial polymers and ionic polymers based metal refining technology.

The company was founded in 2009 and is privately held. SilverPhasE headquarter and main laboratory are located in Viikki, Helsinki Science Park, Finland. Our other laboratory is located in Soldeu, Andorra. Our laboratories are equipped with reactors, analyzers and conditioning units for the research and development of ionic polymers, from electrically dissipative polymers to antimicrobial polymers.

SilverPhasE started development of antibacterial thermoplastic silver ionomers at 2009, and 2010 the company spread to development of electrically dissipative polymers and polymer batteries. 2011 it started development of antimicrobial viscose and other fibers. 2012 the company started development of metal refining technology based on ionic polymers.

The company has been profitable since the financial year 2011. Based on customer contracts and estimations, profitably is expected to grow steadily. The company has sold out its capacity until end of 2015. Contact to suggest projects and our quotation.

Our expertise

Ionic polymers are a wide group of polymeric materials. Complex inter and intra molecular forces of ionic polymers make them suitable for exceptional applications like we have done.

Our expertise areas:

Electricity storage: It is possible to build cell reactions between liquid ionic polymers. Viscous liquids containing the charge are relatively safe to use compared to current solid lithium ion batteries.

Polymer batteries: In many ways ionic polymers are the perfect avenue to build thousands of different type polymeric batteries. The company has build several novel polymer batteries with potassium ion instead of lithium.

Electrically conductive polymers: Electro static discharges and static electricity cause numerous problems in different areas from explosives packagings to injection molding. We have wide experience about electrically conductive polymers.

Antimicrobial polymers: Microbial control is mandatory. More antibiotic resistant microbes are developing all the time, and more biocide resistant microbes are developing all the time. Antimicrobial polymers can solve many issues related current microbe controlling technologies.

Metal refining technology based on ionic polymers: Mining industry is a remarkable user of chemicals and a major pollution source. SilverPhasE is participating in the development of new green refining technology. The company is targeting to development of selective concentrating technology based on ionic polymers.

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